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Compact Series High Volume Fire Pump

FiFi 1

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Water Volume Delivery Up to 10,680 GPM
( 2400m3/hr)
Pump Head Up to 14 BAR (200 Psi)
Engine Type Gas Turbine
Horsepower 1475 Hp
Water Throw Up to 547 ft (167 m)
Water Height Up to 254 ft (77.5 m)
Suction 20” ( 550 mm)
Discharge 16” (400 mm)
Monitor Controls Stang 250 mm single remote, Electronic
Options for Monitor Controls Twin 8” low profile monitors,
Foam nozzles
Fuels Diesel, Kerosene, Jet A, Gasoline, Bio fuels
Fuel Tank Built in
Fuel Tank Capacity 2 Hrs.
Starting System 24 Volt
Portability Quick removable trailer
Weight Approx. 5000 lbs (2268 Kg)
Length 14.6 Feet (4.45 Meters)
Height 8.3 Feet (2.53 Meters)
Width 6.8 Feet (2.07 Meters)

GPM of water volume delivery and pressure are controlled by operator with variable engine speed.

Fuel types can be used without any changes to the unit and mixed according to availability.


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